borrow [bär′ō, bôr′ō]
vt., vi.
[ME borwen < OE borgian, to borrow, lend, be surety for, akin to beorgan, to protect & BOROUGH]
1. to take or receive (something) with the understanding that one will return it or an equivalent
2. to adopt or take over (something) as one's own [to borrow a theory]
3. to adopt and naturalize (a word, etc.) from another language [the word depot was borrowed from French]
4. Arith. in subtraction, to take (a unit of ten) from the next higher place in the minuend and add it to the next lower place: done when the number to be subtracted in the subtrahend is greater than the corresponding number in the minuend
☆ borrow trouble
to worry about anything needlessly or before one has sufficient cause

English World dictionary. . 2014.